Connecting with consumers and creating memorable brand engagement opportunities is a passion and speciality of mine. Over the past few years, I’ve been lucky to work with notable local and international brands to create knockout activations that impact people on an emotional level.


Over the past 5 years, I’ve hosted and collaborated on over 100 events, installations, shows and exhibitions. Starting from humble beginnings of a single art showcase, I always looked to improve the experience for the visitor, introducing new performances, better lighting, decor, and sound design to make each experience more immersive and enjoyable than the last. I love to create positive memorable moments for people to come together to connect, collaborate and communicate with one another.


Seeing the big picture and connecting the dots is a skill that comes naturally to me. No concept is too big or too small. I work with you to develop everything you need to build and optimize your brand, from an initial creative brief aimed at defining your idea, mission statement, and value proposition, to implementing a topnotch marketing strategy that will make you stand out from the competition.


I’m inspired by the ability to shape brand experiences through strategic and beautiful work, conveying the essence of a client’s messaging to their audience. With a distinctive eye and a strong foundation in creative thinking, I deliver concepts that achieve results. 

On a day-day basis, I find myself constantly thinking of new ideas to live a more sustainable, healthy and enjoyable life. I have a desire to create memorable experiences through colour, light, sound and installation design that bring people together and celebrate humanity. I love to solve problems and aim to create solutions that resonate with people on emotional level.


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