I was asked by Vancouver Mural Festival to create a mural in Strathcona on the Maker Labs building and contracted Cynthia Tran Vo to create and paint the design with me.

Our goal was to create a mural that reflected a positive message to the neighbourhood while being simple enough that it could be painted by multiple volunteers, and completed in a small time frame.


We created a geometric mural that reflects the history of Strathcona. The area is known as one of the first neighbourhoods in Vancouver. Over the years, there have been multiple attempts to develop the area, but despite pressure for change, the community has managed to survive and thrive. Chameleons also adapt by changing the colours of their skin to match their surroundings, so we used this animal to show how the community has had to adapt and stay resilient against external pressures.

From the beginning of conception to completing the painting, our mural project spanned 11 days. With a tight deadline and lots to do, we had to work efficiently to ensure our mural would be completed on time. This project was completed without the use of a projector, countless hours in the sun, and many many rolls of tape. 




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