While working as an artist, illustrator and designer in Vancouver, I noticed that the community wasn’t very connected. It was hard to find work, and there weren’t a lot of resources for artists who were just starting out.

I started Vancouver Art Community to create more opportunities for connection and collaboration between artists living and working in Vancouver.

Through the creation of 100+ events, shows, and activations, we gained trust with local artists and patrons as an artist hub that provided support, resources, and opportunities for emerging and professional artists in Vancouver.

We worked with notable companies within the local arts community to develop partnerships including: Vancouver Mural Festival, Opus Art Supplies, The American Bar, Slice Of Life Gallery, Strange Fellows, and more.

Working with other local businesses, as well as artists built credibility for VAC, and developed trust between us, and our community. Our events have gathered over 12,000 people annually, and our online marketing reach is currently over 50,000 through Facebook and Instagram. 

35 mm


We partnered with Buddhaful vegan restaurant to host a public art show at their Northwoods location. The show featured 35 mm film photography by 10 local photographers. The show connected local artists, and introduced members of the community to film photography. Participants of the show had the opportunity to sell their work, and interact with the public. 

Photography by Alejandro Chavarria

Surf Folk Night


We partnered with The Refinery to host a music concert at their venue. The show featured 3 folk music bands, as well as live mural painting and local art vendors. The event brought about 75 visitors to the show and had a online marketing impact of 3,500 through Facebook and Instagram. This event was made possible through our sponsorships with Tofino Brewing Company, KNW MRE and Made From Scraps

Photography by Alejandro Chavarria

Made From Scraps


We partnered with SPACE to host an art show series that focused on making new artwork from scrap materials that would otherwise go to the landfill.

“Made From Scraps was established to provide a new context for artist to create within that encourages cross disciplinary collaboration and the development of new skills and techniques. I wanted to see artists step outside their comfort zones and go bigger, while getting to explore and play with new materials.” —Patrick Christie, Founder of Space, and host of Volume 1.

Overall, we worked with over 100 artists through 5 public events with more than 1,000 attendees, while our marketing reached over 60,000 people through Facebook and Instagram as well as online media outlets. This event was made possible through our sponsorships with Crafted Vancouver, Space to Space, Nude Vodka Soda, Herradura tequila, and Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers.

Video by Heather Haughn. Photography by Alejandro Chavarria

Snag Art Raffle


Snag Alternative Contemporary Arts hosts an ongoing live painting art raffle event at The American on a frequent basis. Snag hired Vancouver Art Community to take over the event starting in December, 2018. I was in charge of curation, management of artists, design, marketing, and sales.

Over the course of 2019, we hired over 70 artists through 12 public events with over 5,000 attendees, while our marketing reached over 54,000 people through Instagram.

Video by Sebastian Kovacs



Hootsuite hired Vancouver Art Community to host a private event for their organization. The event featured live mural painting, music from local DJ’s, and interactive art for visitors to participate.

Van Pop Festival


Vancouver Pop Festival hired Vancouver Art Community to create a live art installation at their music festival. I designed a mural inspired by the pop art of the mid-to-late-1950s, which I painted live at the event. 

Video by Ruggero Romano


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