In 2021, Translink announced their 2050 transit expansion plan campaign at the PNE. There were several installations and brand activations.

I was tasked with creating an activation that allowed visitors to stop and engage with the brand, creating a lasting impression that was memorable and sharable on social media.

I created a picnic table installation that allowed visitors to take a rest while still being reminded of the campaign.

I worked with local carpenters to  fabricate a picnic table that was budget and user friendly, and then hand painted a mural design that matched the brand colours and messaging as well as various transportation icons used by Translink.

Typical picnic tables are difficult to use, so I wanted to build a picnic table that was user friendly, just like Translink’s services.

I used typography to mimic routes on a transit map, and symbolized the modes of transportation through iconography. 



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