I’m an enthusiastic creator who is always on the lookout for new experiences. With an eye for detail, and an endless ambition, I am driven by my passion to improve people’s lives by finding ways to connect people together. Whether it’s for helping others live easier life or to improve culture, I use design thinking for positive growth. 

From creating memorable and impactful brand identities, to painting murals that span over 2,500 square feet, I’m ready to tackle any challenge that comes my way. As an idea generator who is influenced by stories big and small, I let curiosity be my compass, as I navigate on my quest of creativity. My taste for adventure in the outdoors provides me with natural inspiration every day as I strive to create solutions that achieve results. 

When I’m not designing for clients, I’m building the art community in Vancouver through a brand I Co-founded called the Vancouver Art Community. 

To learn more about my process, visit my Instagram. To learn more about my experience, visit my LinkedIn. 

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